About Seeds of Science / Roots of Reading® Program

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading is a 2nd-5th grade curriculum that integrates science and literacy to provide access to deep science knowledge, academic vocabulary, and powerful skills and strategies in both literacy and science.

Classrooms using Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading experience increased student achievement in both literacy and science for a range of diverse students, including English language learners. The Do-it, Talk-it, Read-it, Write-it approach for grades 2-5 engages students in learning science concepts in depth, while increasing their skills in reading, writing, and discussing as scientists do. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading units save teachers time by allowing them to teach science and literacy together. It can be used during science, literacy, or as supplementary instruction. The curriculum is informed by research, verified by rigorous evaluations, and field-tested in classrooms around the country.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading offers an innovative research-based approach to science and literacy instruction.

  • The Do-it, Talk-it, Read-it, Write-it approach engages students in learning science concepts in depth, while explicitly teaching students to read, write, and discuss as scientists do.
  • Unlike many science programs, the educational effectiveness of Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading for all students has been clearly demonstrated in independent research studies.
  • Unlike most curricula, Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading instruction is specifically designed to be accessible to English language learners.
  • The curriculum offers a unique focus on informational text, and uses science content as an authentic context for literacy learning.
  • Teacher’s guides feature educative elements that help teachers to develop skills, strategies, and knowledge that can be carried over to other areas of their teaching practice.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading has demonstrated effectiveness in increasing student achievement in both science and literacy. Our approach is built on a recent and growing body of educational research that shows the benefits of science-literacy integration.

For more information about the Seeds of Science / Roots of Reading program, visit http://www.scienceandliteracy.org/.


General Information

Field Testing
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Professional Development
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Developed at Lawrence Hall of Science and the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading® is a collaboration of a science team led by Jacqueline Barber and a literacy team led by P. David Pearson and Gina Cervetti.
All curriculum materials ©2013 The Regents of the University of California.

Published and Distributed by Amplify Education, Inc.  All rights reserved.


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